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Winzip Free Download is a very powerful files compressor software. This is due to its efficiency and rapidity to reduce the size of the diverse contents of a computer. Windows Zip utility for file compression, file sharing, file encryption, and data backup.

Download winzip for free to zip/unzip files, share information, and safeguard your projects. Winzip Free Download is characterized for having an attractive and easily understandable interface, which allows you to select, drag and drop files with the mouse on the work environment to compress them to the ZIP format.

Also, winzip latest version free download makes your compression tasks very easy. Winzip Free Download supports other very widely used formats, such as for example TAR, BinHex, and ARJ among many others. Therefore, if you are interested in saving space on your hard disk and to gain portability for your videos, songs, photos and software, there is not better allied than Winzip Free Download.

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Winzip latest version free download offers a solution for having the huge number of files on the PCs compressed, encrypted, backed up, prearranged for allocation and has the capability to contain files with no loss or harm to the file’s contents. File compression devices have been there from the 60s and 70s where they were incorporated as component of OS and had the fundamental aspect of archiving particular files into single to make copying as well as distribution easier. The actual WinZip, which released during 1991 was a GUI front end for the formerly developed PKZIP service which was made public during 1989 like a DOS command line means.

Basic editions of WinZip were extremely alike with all versions following 1.0, offering sustenance for recently budding file systems, self-extracting ZIP files, functionality with virus software to scan zipped files as well as choices to include and extract files into secondary directories. Edition 3.2 works well with the Windows 3.1 drag and drop interface and included the extract dialog box which offered information regarding all compressed files and an ‘actions menu’ on the top. The editions till 5.6 worked well with previous editions of Windows earlier than Win 95. With the start of WinZip version 6 it was tailored to make the most of new Windows 95 characteristics, for instance, explorer style dialog boxes, enhanced Win 95 drag and drop facility, improved UI in addition to an express arrangement opportunity. Version 8.1 was the most recent edition that works well with Windows 95 as well as Windows 98.

winzip latest version free download such as edition 16.0, made public during 2011 and zipping files is currently super-fast, trouble-free selection of target location for your unzipped file. It should be noted that WinZip does not works well with Windows editions that are not supported by Microsoft Security reviews. If you are facing problem in compressing files like Adobe Reader PDF files (PDF Magazines), Flash Player SWF files, JAR, JPEGs or PNG files, then you should try making use of the Over-Zip Compression Booster 4 add-on which excellently as well as rapidly compresses these files.

Pros: Free of charge and user-friendly, quick compression as well as decompression of files.

Cons: Compress a smaller number of file formats as compared to its competitors.

About Free Winzip

Free Winzip is a small software offering file compression. Free Winzip is the global leader within the field of file compression, file encryption, file sharing, and data backup. free download winzip software offers highly developed photo/image compression.

Winzip Free Download offer multiple unzip features such as

  • High-quality zip engine
  • High quality photo/image compression
  • Modernized user interface
  • Improved email sustenance
  • Free zip and Free Unzip anything

winzip latest version free download allows you to produce Zip, LHA, and Zipx files. You can as well open and extract content from the most extensively used collection of compressed file sorts, together with Zip, Zipx, RAR, 7Z, BZ2, LHA, CAB, IMG, ISO, and several others. Free download winzip full version allows you to easily compress your digital pics in addition to graphics by 20 to 25 percent without compromising the quality!

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Zip software free assist you in protecting sensitive information. You can also password protect your files (Learn more about what are zip files ) at the same time as you zip them, all in a single uncomplicated step! Are you aware of the fact that zipped files are perfect for sharing data? Utilize WinZip to systematize your numbers into little, consistent groups that are ideal for sharing.

winzip 15.5 free download  allow you to zip, encrypt, as well as email a file with no need to use some other applications. winzip 15.5 free download incorporates broad support for the majority of email and webmail applications. As soon as it is arranged, you can zip as well as email files from practically every email address you own.

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